Message from the Minister of Agriculture- Pesticides Awareness Week 2013

The Ministry of Agriculture commemorates the launch of Pesticides Awareness Week, 2013 from the 27th October – 2nd November, 2013 under the theme "Pesticides – Store Wise, Save Lives".

From healthcare to food production, the manipulation of chemicals for human use has been nothing short of ground breaking. The most recent manipulation of chemicals for varying applications as pesticides has enabled advances in food technology areas like bio-technology and pest control.

Globally, large scale use of pesticides has resulted in environmental degradation and exposing humans and wildlife to high levels of chemicals that cause adverse impacts on nature and human health. Public concerns about the adverse impacts of chemicals on human health and the environment have made the sound management of chemicals and their associated wastes an essential component of overall public policy in countries at all stages of development, especially developing countries.

While chemicals can make significant contributions to resolving many modern issues like pest control products to restrict the spread of vector borne diseases such as malaria, if not properly managed, these chemicals can cause significant damage to human health and the environment. Hence, the ever present need for Government to direct increasing attention to risk management actions so as to protect our citizens and our precious environment from the threats posed by pesticides. Read more