Controlled Chemicals

These Chemicals fall under four (4) Categories

  • 1. Registered

    Examples of Registered Chemicals
    Name of Chemicals Common Name Type
    Amistar 50WG Azoxystrobin Fungicide
    Gramoxone Super Paraquat Dichloride Herbicide
    Krismat Ametryn Herbicide
    Fusilade Fluazifop-p-butyl Herbicide
    Touchdown IQ Glyphosate Herbicide
    Dual Gold 960EC S-Metolachlor Herbicide
    Igran 500SC Terbutryn Herbicide
    Reglone Diquat Dibromide Herbicide
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  • 1. Restricted

    List of chemicals registered as restricted by the Pesticides Board. A certificate is required for import, sale and use of these chemicals. Records must be kept throughout the life cycle of the chemical.
    1. Aluminum Phosphide
    2. DDT
    3. Monocrotophos
    4. Methomyl
    5. Oxamyl
    6. Paraquat

  • 3. Prohibited

    Any pesticide containing any of the following chemicals is prohibited and shall not be brought into, offered for sale or used in Guyana.

    Examples of Prohibited Chemicals
    Name of Chemicals
    2,4,5-T and its salt and esters>
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  • 4. Pending

    These are the chemicals whose registration are pending. Download