Guyana to Host Regional Pesticide Meeting

Guyana has informed the secretariat of the Coordinating Group of Pesticide Control Board of the Caribbean (CGPC) of their intention to host the 14th meeting in June 2009. This will be the first meeting hosted by Guyana who became a member of the Group in 2001.

The Meeting examines the development and constraint experienced in pesticide management in the region and attempt to derive simple solution based on experiences of member countries. A number of presentation will be done on pesticide issues to bring the member countries on development in the pesticide industry by invited participants from the University of West Indies, Rotterdam Convention, Stockholm Convention, Montreal Protocol and the Basel Convention. Local Agricultural and pesticides development will also be showcased at the event.

The Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Board meetings provide useful means for sharing information, experiences, needs and serves to identify areas for collaboration. These are some functions and priorities which are keys areas for the Proper and Effective Management of Pesticides both nationally and regionally:

  • Harmonized registrations of chemicals
  • Disposal of chemicals;
  • Harmonized decision-making systems with regards to the International Chemical Conventions;
  • Information flow and networking;
  • Training, education and public awareness;
  • Coordination of existing laboratories engaged in pesticides and toxic chemical analyses;
  • Interfacing with other regional and international organizations; and
  • Development of projects for funding

The 13th Meeting of the Coordinating Group of Pesticides Control Board was held on the 18th – 20th June in Belize, under the theme "Regional Harmonization of Pesticide Regulation for greater efficiency in the Global World".

Previous Highlights

  • Guyana Accedes to the Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention.

    Guyana acceded to two more international chemical conventions, namely, the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. Read More

  • Licensing of Pest Control Operators
  • The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board will commence licensing Pest Control Operators from the 1st January 2008. The first consultation with the operators was held on the 30th September 2008. Read More

  • Laboratory Development under the Agricultural Diversification Programme
  • The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Laboratory will be expanded with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank under the Agricultural Diversification Programme for a pesticide residue laboratory. Read More